The Dale North Memorial Ficus Fan Art Contest: Win 2 Tickets To The OH SHIT! Challenge!


Welcome to The Dale North Memorial Ficus Fan Art Contest!  Here’s how it works!

-You must create an epic piece of fan art that commemorates The Dale North Memorial Ficus
-This art can be done in any medium but MUST feature the picture of the ficus above
-Share it on Facebook and tag @Inspirado and @DaleNorth
-OFFICIALLY SUBMIT your art to magnetinspirado(at)gmail(dot)com

-All submissions must be in by Wednesday, May 7th at 11:59pm

-The Winner will be announced Thursday, May 8th at 12pm via the Inspirado Facebook Page
-The Winner will receive 2 tickets to The Oh Shit! Challenge on May 8th at 11pm

Email magnetinspirado(at) with any questions!  See you at OH SHIT!




It was an epic night on the Inspirado stage, one that will forever live in the Inspirado rafters.  After 8 weeks, North Coast is heading to OH SHIT!  The almighty coveted challenge that has only been performed 4 times in the history of the world.  It is the Holy Grail of improv, and Thursday, May 8th, North Coast will attempt to perform it.  But…until then, let’s talk about last night!

Megawatt sweethearts, The Wrath took the stage first and accepted the Dumb challenge, which was called “Ain’t Nothin’ In The Rulebook Says A Dog Can’t Be A Defense Attorney”.  Their show had to live in the Airbud series and had to feature a dog rising to become a prominent defense attorney.  The show started out with an incredibly realistic Airbud, who commits a crime and has to go on trial and defend himself.  It isn’t until the attorney asks for a slam dunk contest, that Airbud really shines.

North Coast, on their 8th week, chose the Random challenge and received “Stranger”.  They had to incorporate a stranger, from off the street, into their show.  After finding a stranger, who happened to be an improviser, they gave up on her and headed back out.  Then they found a wonderful man named Marty.  Marty, a 70 something young man, had never done improv before.  North Coast’s Boris Khaykin explains what happened: “Evan and I were both looking for people. I came up to a girl who heard me out like she was into it but then shut me down. At the same time as that was happening, Evan was asking Marty who immediately shut him down before he even finished asking.  After he shut Evan down he saw me asking more people and realized we weren’t asking for money. So after this girl walked away he said “you guys need help? I thought you were asking for money.” So we explained we’re doing a competition show where every week is a different challenge and this week we have to find a stranger to perform with us. He immediately said he’ll do it but then took his time throwing his Dr. Pepper in the garbage and followed us in. As he walked in the building he got a phone call and as we walked into the show he said a perfectly time “I have to call you back, I’ve got to do something…” To the audience’s applause.”

North Coast had one of the most epic shows the Inspirado stage has ever seen.  Marty, a newbie to the Inspirado stage, fit in like a seasoned steak.  His accents were on par, his character work was incredible and his timing was exactly what North Coast needed to get to the OH SHIT! Challenge.

Next week, North Coast, on their 9th week on the Inspirado stage will take on the Oh Shit! Challenge.  What will happen?  You decide…actually no, we know what’s going to happen…Get there early.  Very early.  INSPIRADOOOOO!

Jan. 2nd Preview: The New Year Brings…A New Champion?

1497502_250947588400740_620074244_nIt’s not everyday that you get to see the FIRST Inspirado of 2014…in fact, today is the ONLY time when you’ll be able to do so.   Megawatt newbies, The FLOOD bless The Inspirado Stage tonight.  They’re a team of gentle giants, lovers…not fighters.  This gives them a finesse unlike any other improv team in the history of planets.  But can they use their improv genius to take down 3-time Inspirado Champions Weekend of Regret? Uhhh…Who knows?!

Tonight at 11pm, there will be snow.  There will be a lot of snow.   But blizzards have never stopped this show in the past…and it shouldn’t stop you.  We’ll see you TONIGHT at 11pm for the showdown of the new year…The Flood v. Weekend of Regret!  Who will win?  You decide.  Inspiradooooooo!



Tonight is the night.  After 8 weeks of Trike, tonight is the night.  After almost a full year of no #OHSHIT Challenges, tonight is the night.  2 years after the very first #OHSHIT Challenge, tonight is the night.

Trike will be facing the infamous MalBec (Jamaal Sedayao and Rebecca Robles), for their 9th and final challenge on the Inspirado board.  Throughout their  8 week run they have done nothing but triumph; completing every challenge on the board and climbing to the very tippy top.  Tonight, they complete their quest for The Dale North Memorial Cross Country Skii’s.  Will they win?  Will they go to jail?  You decide.  INSPIRADOOOO! #ohshit


The Homewreckers are coming to the Inspirado stage and they aren’t messing around.  This former Circuit team has made it to the big leagues and plans to stay here.  They face the reigning Inspirado Champions, The Wrath!  Can they beat them or will The Wrath conquer yet another team?  You decide!  This thursday at 11pm! Inspiradooooooo!



WHOOOA!  It’s almost here!  Weekend of Regret took the Inspirado stage last night for their 7th week and faced off against Chet Watkins!  The trash talk was fierce.  A sweat pance-wearing Chris Camp brought a fervor to the trash talk that has been lacking for a long time.  Nick Jaramillo, of Weekend of Regret, shot back with, “I remember when my Mom first let me wear sweat pants outside of the house…it was freeing”.  Brilliant.  HERE WE GO!

Chet Watkins took the stage first and chose the Individual Challenge and received BARGAIN BIN.  Their set had to be a monoscene  that takes place in a DVD Bargain Bin.  We were given Blade, Mission Impossible and Jaws!  All of the DVDs wanted to be picked up, in the end, they all were purchased by two very lonely friends.  Beautiful.

Weekend Of Regret took the stage next and chose the Indianapolis Challenge.  They received LENEPY!  To honor the Lenepy Indians, the first to discover the land that is now Indianapolis, each line of dialogue had to have 3 seconds of silence in between it.  Each scene was grounded and patient.  We were given scenes about stalkers, towns taken over  by dogs and peyote smoking Indians.  It was a wonderful show, one that the Lenepy Indians would be proud of.

WEEKEND OF REGRET!  They will return next week (valentine’s Day) to face off against the power couple, MEGALOU!  Who will win? Valentine’s Day Inspiradooooooo! Who is more in love?  You Decide!  11pm!  BOOM!

Jan. 31st PREVIEW: AQUARIUS Is Ready To Sing Weekend Of Regret A Goodbye Song!

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 12.30.59 PM
For their 6th week (almost Weekend) on the Inspirado stage, champions WEEKEND OF REGRET will face the musically talented AQUARIUS, in what is sure to be the showdown of the month of January, 2013!  No one can predict what challenges will be chosen or how each team will react to said challenge, but it is sure to be EXPLOSIVE!!!!!

Aquarius has performed on the Inspirado stage before and unhinged many champions.  Will tonight be the night that they take down their biggest opponent yet?  You be the judge!  The unstoppable Weekend of Regret has been bulldozing through challengers, will they hit a Aqua Rock tonight?  You decide!  11pm. Inspiraddddoooooooo!!!!