It was an epic night on the Inspirado stage, one that will forever live in the Inspirado rafters.  After 8 weeks, North Coast is heading to OH SHIT!  The almighty coveted challenge that has only been performed 4 times in the history of the world.  It is the Holy Grail of improv, and Thursday, May 8th, North Coast will attempt to perform it.  But…until then, let’s talk about last night!

Megawatt sweethearts, The Wrath took the stage first and accepted the Dumb challenge, which was called “Ain’t Nothin’ In The Rulebook Says A Dog Can’t Be A Defense Attorney”.  Their show had to live in the Airbud series and had to feature a dog rising to become a prominent defense attorney.  The show started out with an incredibly realistic Airbud, who commits a crime and has to go on trial and defend himself.  It isn’t until the attorney asks for a slam dunk contest, that Airbud really shines.

North Coast, on their 8th week, chose the Random challenge and received “Stranger”.  They had to incorporate a stranger, from off the street, into their show.  After finding a stranger, who happened to be an improviser, they gave up on her and headed back out.  Then they found a wonderful man named Marty.  Marty, a 70 something young man, had never done improv before.  North Coast’s Boris Khaykin explains what happened: “Evan and I were both looking for people. I came up to a girl who heard me out like she was into it but then shut me down. At the same time as that was happening, Evan was asking Marty who immediately shut him down before he even finished asking.  After he shut Evan down he saw me asking more people and realized we weren’t asking for money. So after this girl walked away he said “you guys need help? I thought you were asking for money.” So we explained we’re doing a competition show where every week is a different challenge and this week we have to find a stranger to perform with us. He immediately said he’ll do it but then took his time throwing his Dr. Pepper in the garbage and followed us in. As he walked in the building he got a phone call and as we walked into the show he said a perfectly time “I have to call you back, I’ve got to do something…” To the audience’s applause.”

North Coast had one of the most epic shows the Inspirado stage has ever seen.  Marty, a newbie to the Inspirado stage, fit in like a seasoned steak.  His accents were on par, his character work was incredible and his timing was exactly what North Coast needed to get to the OH SHIT! Challenge.

Next week, North Coast, on their 9th week on the Inspirado stage will take on the Oh Shit! Challenge.  What will happen?  You decide…actually no, we know what’s going to happen…Get there early.  Very early.  INSPIRADOOOOO!



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Twas a cold night on the Inspirado stage, and challenging team ORANGE AUGUSTUS was not ready to freeze without a fight! After some very critical trash talk, both teams were ready to Heat Things Up…and that they did.

Orange Augustus took the stage first and chose the Artsy challenge and received Aloha.  Every scene of their show had to start with a goodbye and end with a hello.  Their scenes were about broken relationships, strong handshakes, aggressive French women and abusive cheaters.  They did a great job executing the challenge and finished the show not with a goodbye, no…instead they ended with a laugh (too corny?).

Weekend of Regret took the Inspirado stage next.  On their 5th week on the Inspirado stage they chose a Nerdy challenge and recieved Fantasy.  During their set, their only characters could be Unicorns, Fairies and Dragons.  We were given dragon meetings, fairy meetings and unicorn meetings- all about attacking each other.  Beastiality was a hot topic, is it wrong for a Dragon to mate with a human Princess?  And we had the pleasure of seeing human/dragons cope with their confusing physical problems.  Fantastical!

WEEKEND OF REGRET took the night!  Can they continue to dominate the Inspirado stage?  Will next weeks challengers, AQUARIUS, stop them in their tracks?  You decide.  Thursdays.  11pm.  INSPIRADOOOOOOOO!

Sept. 26th RECAP: EAGLEFOX Get’s Very Close! Could They Go To…OH SHIT???

So close. So small.

It was a politically physical night on the Inspirado stage.  The trash talk began with Listen Kid’s Irv Newberg showing revealing pictures of EagleFox’s Will Quinn at a scandalous massage parlor.  EagleFox retaliated with a framed photo of the Listen Kid gang with members of EagleFox…Ohhhh, memories.  HERE WE GO!

Listen Kid! took the stage first and chose a Stylistic challenge and received “Super PAC”.  Their set was sponsored by Restore Our Future 2012, a Mitt Romney fundraising organization.  It opened with an address from two Romney supporters, both keen on Obama’s faults.  They talked about liberal brainwashing, unemployment and gave us a sneak peek of Robin Williams playing President Eisenhower in ‘The Butler’.  Then we saw the GOP’s new TV pilot, “Family Values”, a show about one American family’s adventures through unemployment.  It deals with god, being gay and beating the crap out of ballet dancers.  In the end, we all learned that Mitt Romney is actually a robot.

EagleFox, in their 7th week on the Inspirado stage, chose a Physical challenge and received “Package”.  They had to perform a monoscene in which they are all trapped inside a very small box.


They were a family traveling to California in a giant present for “The Weinstein’s”.  The trip was a bit impromptu, they threw some food in a box, and got it.  Basic questions were answered, where was the bathroom?  In a corner of the box.  Was there any water? No.  And did one of the family members in the box have the highly contagious “box flu”?  Of course.  It was a gift for all of us, and when we opened it we saw…

EAGLEFOX!  The 7 time Inspirado champions will live to see another week!  Next week they’re off for the NYMIF Inspirado.  4 Magnet Musical House teams face-off in a winner takes all night.  The winning team will return in week 8 to face EagleFox.  Does EagleFox have it in them?  Can they make it to THE OH SHIT CHALLENGE?  You decide, next week and then the next week and then maybe the next week?  INSPIRADOOOOOO!!!!!

July 26th RECAP: AQUARIUS Lives On!


In their second week on the Inspirado stage last night, Aquarius made winning a habit!  The challenging team, That Annoying Couple, threw down some ‘cute’ trash talk, “I bet you don’t even know what love is”, Aquarius team captain Jon Bander retorted, “50% of marriages end in divorce”.  Love is a mean game.  LETS GO!

That Annoying Couple went first and chose a Dumb challenge and received “Flier”.  Their challenge was to perform a play based on a very dumb flier for a play.  They chose “Frued’s Final Analysis: A Look Into The Deep Dark Hole Of One Person’s Psyche!”  What followed was Frued analyzing a very “inhuman” human patient , we were taken into her deep dark world, that included Jamaican men, 50’s housewives and a lot of fighting.  It ended with a simple revelation,  “Frued’s Final Analysis” is extremely messed up.

Aquarius took the stage next and chose an Individual Challenge and received “Greenmile”, they had to perform the last 20 minutes of one person’s life.  What followed was an homage to the late Oscar Montoya, a beautiful soul that looked back primarily at his time on Aquarius.  All of the team- members paid tribute in their own ways.  Heartfelt and touching, and Oscar (and a neglected Julie), went away in delightfully sung peace.

Aquarius! The musical team celebrated their second victory with a picture and some high fives!  But will they be high fiving after next weeks show against long-time rival, The Friday Night Show?  Or will The Friday Night Show crumble to the all powerful Aquarius?  You decide.  Thursday at 11pm!  INSPPPIIRRADDDOOOOO!!!!



June 28th PREVIEW: The Assembly Aims For A Win!

They’re here ladies and gentleman.  A classic, yet not too tear filled reunion of, The Assembly.  The Assembly, originally coached by Armando Diaz, was known for wrangling audience suggestions to inspire a keynote address, which then turned into a highly energized montage.  Thursday, they’ll be utilizing their skills to take on any challenge posed to them.  Oh yeah…even rapping.  The Assembly is Alan Fessenden, Chelsea Clarke, Marcy Jarreau, Kevin Cragg, Elana Fishbein, and Karsten Cross.

Can Northcoast continue their rapping tour of dominance?  Will The Assembly be able to keep up with these real-like Tupac holograms?  You decide.  Thursday at 11pm.  INSPIRADOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!



It’s here.  The OH SHIT!  Challenge.  Dale North himself once said, “If you make it to the OH SHIT! Challenge… well then, you’ve made it pretty far.”  Upstate stands to become Inspirado champions, winning all 9 challenges and becoming the official owners of The Dale North Memorial Chahckies, if it wasn’t for one team…THE PARTY LIONS.

Megawatt’s youngest team takes the stage this thursday to give Upstate a run for their money.  Known for their incredible mono-scenic work, these improv beasts from the jungle plan to do a 30 minute show that “puts all MIB movies into one set”.  What does that mean?  No one really knows.

Will Upstate be stopped by some animals with party hats?  Or will The Party Lions be another notch on Upstate’s OH So SHITTY Belt?  You decide…this thursday…THE OH SHIT! Challenge!  Get there early!  INSPPIIIRRADDDDDOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

PREVIEW: On Day of Love, THE SURGE Prepares Deadly Treat For BEES!


The Surge is charged and ready for an INSPIRADO showdown!  The Megawatt house team has no reservations when it comes to Inspirado (they’ve been posting videos of Bee’s getting smashed).  They’re high energy montage and time dashes have prepared them well and now they’re confident that they’re ready to crush their competition!  The Surge is Dan Benjamin, Shawn Calo, Mike Ferreira, Dreagn Foltz, Woody Fu, David Gonyo, Tony Mui and Courtney Wielgus.

Will this high energy house team be able to take down the musical megawatt superstars Bees!?  Or will BEES! sting The Surge?  You decide, thursday 11pm, INNSPIIRADDOO!