Tonight is the night.  After 8 weeks of Trike, tonight is the night.  After almost a full year of no #OHSHIT Challenges, tonight is the night.  2 years after the very first #OHSHIT Challenge, tonight is the night.

Trike will be facing the infamous MalBec (Jamaal Sedayao and Rebecca Robles), for their 9th and final challenge on the Inspirado board.  Throughout their  8 week run they have done nothing but triumph; completing every challenge on the board and climbing to the very tippy top.  Tonight, they complete their quest for The Dale North Memorial Cross Country Skii’s.  Will they win?  Will they go to jail?  You decide.  INSPIRADOOOO! #ohshit


Sept. 13th RECAP: EAGLEFOX Makes Sad Kids Sadder! Prepares for J.V.!

It was a sassy night on the Inspirado stage as Sad Kids aimed their comedy guns at the 5x Inspirado champions, Eaglefox.  Who was going to win?  No one knew.  We all know now, unless you don’t know, well then you probably have to read this in order to get the low down.  If that’s the case…READ ON!

Sad Kids took the stage first and chose a Physical Challenge and received “Slap”.  Each scene needed to have one slap.  The slaps had to get progressively harder throughout the show.  Their set was filled with love, fighting and love-fighting.  We were given a scene with friends who were separated by the space between their porches, two movers who moved in with the woman they worked for, only to find that the love they shared for each other was stronger than anything they ever felt before.  And oh…so many slaps.  There was slap fighting, butt slapping, face slapping, stomach slapping and finally some good old fashioned hand on hand slapping.  And by the end of the show, the audience had done some slapping of their own, knee slapping!  Cause it was funny!  And, you know, you slap your knee when-

EAGLEFOX took the stage next, and in their 5th week on the Inspirado stage chose an Artsy challenge.  They received “Docent”.  Their show had to be a tour through the Museum of Modern Art.  It began with a tour guide getting a suggestion.  From here we were taken into the museum.  3 guys, sans wives, were exploring the museum because a court ordered them more “culture”.  One of the 3 patrons had mistaken an exhibit of a bathroom for a real bathroom and had accidentally  locked eyes with a 6 year old while using it.  There was a talking Jesus Ronald McDonald and eventually the 3 men became an exhibit.  It was a tour of a museum that doesn’t exist, but hopefully one day it will.

EAGLEFOX!  The champions will return next week to take on Junior Vartisy, the first improv team to ever win Inspirado.  Will Eaglefox be able to conquer J.V., or will J.V. take down the champions?  Ohhh…Exciting!  YOU VOTE!  INSPIRADDDOOOOOOO!!!!!

May 10th PREVIEW: Battle Of The Duos! TRIKE v. UPSTATE!

Trike, a Time Out NY Critics Pick. is taking the Inspirado stage this Thursday at 11pm!  Not for fun…no, they have some business to attend to.  They plan to re-claim their title as “The Best Improv Duo Ever”- but in order to do that, they need to take down the unstoppable Upstate (5 time Inspirado champions).  Trike is known for their fast play, unstoppable characters and impeccable timing.  Trike is Peter McNerney and Nick Kanellis.

Will Trike, the Magnet weekend box office killers, use their uncanny improv agility to stop Upstate?  Or will Upstate, who have recently found their legs (call back), stand their ground?  You decide, this thursday at 11pm!  INSPIIRADDDOOO!!!!

Feb. 9th RECAP: W-I-N Spells Another Win For BEES!

BEES! does it again!

It was an educational night on the Inspirado!  Trash talk, spelling bees and Meta challenges, can you ask for anything more?  Mr. Gorsky’s team captain Jon Bander stood head to head with BEES! team captain Michael Lutton.  Said Bander, “Bees are inspired by their queen, to bad Desiree isn’t here.”  Lutton laughed off the trash and chose to go second.  Tension ensued!

Mr. Gorsky chose a Random challenge and received Meta, they had to perform the 21 minutes previous to their set.  We immediately saw Bander, Lauren and Carston sitting in the Magnet lobby, waiting.  Lauren was reading the Hunger Games and Bander and Carston were trying to warm up.  Their attempt to get warm was constantly thwarted by the house manager, “Shhh! There is a show going on!”  There was alone time, which turned into a creepy song and dance, which was followed by some BEES! trash talk, “I might just steal their team photo and pull it out of my pants during the set,” said Carston.  In the end, it would be a very heady, very truthful and very crazy Mr. Gorsky set.

BEES! took the stage next and chose a Stylistic challenge and received Spelling Bee- their show, was a spelling bee.  This was a spelling bee love story.  Two challengers, who had nothing but love and cold soares (herpes).  What followed was an over bearing father who didn’t want his daughter to lose.  “I don’t want to hear anything that doesn’t spell WIN”.   Their was a KFC/HRP (herpes) love melody that the house went wild for.  In the end, love would triumph competition and together they would share their spelling bee success and their unique strand of herpes.

BEES! was once again declared champions!  They crouched around The Dale North Memorial Chotchkies, and breathed a sigh of relief.  They won’t have to defeat another challenger until next thursday, when The Surge will take the stage!  Will the fresh megawatt team take a hearty swing at the veteran musical megawatt team?  Or will BEES! attack The Surge just as they have their other competition?  You decide.  Next thrusday at 11pm! Only at INNSPPPIRRADDOOO!!

Dec. 15th PREVIEW: J.V., Brick, LISTEN KID! & FRIDAY NIGHT SH*W Prepare For Ultimate Grudge Match!

Uncle Stanley & Aunt Donnetta, Holding Uncle Stanley's Cup

In December, Inspirado will be having 4 one-time-only shows of epic proportions, scale, and grandiloquence.  We’re calling it…De-spirado…

The CHAMPIONS Throwdown!  It’s here.  Finally, after an entire year of waiting, we now know the four teams that have won the most weeks of Inspirado.  Those teams are:  Brick (9 weeks), Junior Varsity (4 weeks), Friday Night Sh*w (4 weeks), and Listen, Kid! (3 weeks).   An all-star line-up unlike any that this world has ever seen.  This show is going to be so hot that rumors say CNN may have asked, “will Dec. 15th’s Despirado melt the core of the earth?”

There’s too many story lines to count…will anyone bring down the unbeatable Brick?  Will Junior Varsity enact revenge upon Listen, Kid!?  Will the Friday Night Sh*w remain red hot?  This will be the Inspirado shows to end all Inspirado shows (for 2011, at least).  The 4 winningest teams swinging it out with the best challenges!

The winner will take home a piece of History.  Dale North’s Uncle Stanley North, has agreed to donate his favorite drinking mug upon which the winners name shall be engraved.

Who will win Uncle Stanley’s Cup?  Will everyone explode with Awesomeness?!  Find out December 15th, 11pm, at De-sppiiiiiiiraaaaaaaaaaaddddooooooooooooooo!

De-spirado 2011

Dec. 1st: Everyone vs. Shawn Wickens

Dec 8th: Level One Students vs. THE OWNERS

Dec 15th: Champions Throwdown 2011

Dec 29th: The 2011 Holiday Playtacular


OH SHIT!!!!!!

Completing their 8th Inspirado challenge last night, and doing what no other team has ever done in Inspirado history, Brick has finally arrived at the OH SHIT! challenge!  The OH SHIT! challenge is the most coveted piece of the Inspirado challenge board, it is the ultimate challenge, and Thursday Sept. 15th, Brick will meet their match.  It wasn’t easy winning their 8th match, in fact Double Date put up a great fight right from the beginning.  Double Date team captain, Ross Taylor, poked fun at Jamaal Sedayo, saying “he couldn’t improv his way out of a bag,” then Brick team captain Julia Hynes poked fun at Double Date saying, “sorry you’re show on NBC got cancelled…”, trashy trash talking, but it inspired some magical improv!

Double Date chose a stylistic challenge and received Disney Princess; they had to do a piece in the style of a Disney princess movie.  What unraveled was a story of two princesses, one was “basically a 6”, and the other, Princess Alexandra, was horribly ugly with blood and puss raining from her face.  The King’s Ball began at 7pm, and the Duke was looking for a princess.  The horribly ugly sister called upon her tree stump helper to assist her in getting ready.  He built her an outfit made of leaves and weeds.  The ball was filled with dancing, elderly dukes and enchantment.  In the end, the stump would turn into a prince, and the unsightly Duke would fall in love with a bird.  The piece was completed with a song and dance, which made the entire audience nostalgic for a “whole new world” for Princess Alexandra and the Tree Stump Prince.

OH SHIT!  Brick came to the Inspirado with an air of confidence.  “There is only one challenge we can choose!”  The random challenge was Brick’s penultimate challenge.  They received Murder Mystery; they needed to complete a murder mystery, they were all given roles (any of them could be the murderer).  The piece opened with Prince Hussein, Miss Violet and Lord Trenton having tea in Trenton Manor, when suddenly Miss Violet died of poison.  Immediately Detective Winston was on the case.  Very quickly, the town drunk Alistair Frock entered, followed by socialite Sigourney Cromwell and film star Finnis Cooper.  Everyone seemed guilty of poisoning Miss Violet, but the tip would come in the study with Prince Hussein and Detective Winston.  The Detective said, “I’ll name books and you say if you’ve read them…War & Peace…How to Poison a Person”, in which Hussein said, yes, I have- oh I thought you said, “How to…be Boys 2 Men.  I have read that many times”.  The climax of the murder mystery would come in the living room, when Detective Winston was making his accusation.  It was unclear who the murderer was, until he tried to escape!  Prince Hussein, Miss Violet’s lover, was captured and brought to prison.  Case closed.  OH SHIT!

It happened.  Brick won.  BRICK.  This means that next week, Thursday September 15th, will be the OH SHIT! challenge.  The last time we talked about the OH SHIT! challenge, Hurricane Irene happened.  In Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Keanu Reeves says, “Oh Shit!”, anticipating the day that Brick would step onto the Inspirado stage and accept this challenge.  Will The Kicks be able to stop Brick during their 9th week?  Is the OH SHIT! challenge legal/ safe/ fire proof (we’re checking with Armando).  THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, AT 11PM, BRICK DOES OH SHIT!.  GET THERE EARLY!  YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS.


August 25th RECAP: CHET WATKINS Bows Down To BRICK!

In an Inspirado show that created the most trash talk the internet has ever seen, only one team was left standing, BRICK.  Brick team captain, Rick Andrews, put it perfectly, I have ONE THING TO SAY TO YOU WET TWATKINS…Let’s start this thing!

First up, Chet Watkins chose a dumb challenge and received Dwama; they were challenged to be 5 serious actors performing a drama written by Mrs. Hunt’s 2nd grade class.  What unraveled was a rivalry between Mr. Doo Doo Head and Mr. Pee Pee Face, two people who met at the Poo Poo River.  The piece was filled with lessons about tolerance, sharing and farting in public.  Construction paper was used and imaginary friends were abused but in the end it would be Mr. Doo Doo Head and Mr. Pee Pee Face who would put aside their differences and get married.  It was a real tear jerker which was immediately followed by a fart.

In their 6th week on the Inspirado stage, Brick chose an artsy challenge and received Coolio.  August marks the 48th birthday of Coolio, the rapper made popular from such hits and “1,2,3,4” and “Gansta’s Paradise”; their challenge was to perform a piece in 4 parts and it had to take place in a “Gangsta’s Paradise”.  Part 1, was a Gangsta who lived in a mansion with regenerating meat, fat blunts and attractive women who told jokes.  Part 2, was a CPA in a blinged out prison cell who was allergic to Chrystal and loved Bob Seger. Part 3, was a senile mother who couldn’t enjoy her riches and Part 4 was a music video called, “Put Your Dick In Here”.  All 4 parts were different paradises for different Gangsters; Coolio would have been proud.

In  the closest Inspirado match of August, Brick stood tall once again with The Dale North Memorial Trophy nuzzled in their bosom.  As Brick prepares for their 7th week on the Inspirado stage, one has to wonder, can anyone stop them at this point?  Will Barker, Simpson, Jones LLC be able to slow down the enormous momentum of BRICK, or will they be steam rolled like everyone else?  Find out next week at 11pm at INSPIRADOOO!!!!!!