PREVIEW: Friday Night Sh*w Plans To Give Chairman Golem Soar Throat!

This Thursday stands to be the greatest match in Inspirado history!  In an unprecedented move, The Friday Night Sh*w plans to do a Thursday Night Sh*w… Oh Sh*t!!!!!  Usually this group of the most experienced improvisers in the world, takes anonymously written confessions, secrets, rants, and advice and incorporates into their set.   Will they incorporate this strategy into their Inspirado set?   The Friday Night Sh*w is Russ Armstrong, Laura Grey, Paul Barker, Rick Andrews, Frank Bonomo, Nick Kanellis, Taylor White and Fiona Mallek.

Will audience suggestions help them silence the lovely tones and comedic stylings of The Inspirado Champions, Chairmen Golem?  Or will the suggestions amplify Chairman Golem’s wonderful voices?  Find out this thursday, for a very special INSPIRADO!  Get there early, this show is going to be HUGGGEEEEEE!!!!!  11pm. Thursday.  I-N-S-P-I-R-A-D-OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!