April 4th PREVIEW: The Boss Steps Into The Arena…



Ladies and Gentlemen…THE BOSS.  Thursday, April 4th marks an incredible night in The Inspirado History books, it marks the night that THE BOSS will make their debut on The Inspirado Stage.  In the almost 2 years that Inspirado has around, we have never been able to procure the legendary improv team, this week, the Inspirado audience is in for a treat.  Known for their character work, patience and well weaved connections, The Boss has been playing at The Magnet for over 6 years.  This week, they face THE WRATH.

In their 6th year of improvising together, can The Boss take down The Wrath, who is in their 6th week on The Inspirado Stage?  You decide.  Thursday, April 4th at 11pm.  INSPIRADOOOOOOOOO!!!!


Jan. 31st PREVIEW: AQUARIUS Is Ready To Sing Weekend Of Regret A Goodbye Song!

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 12.30.59 PM
For their 6th week (almost Weekend) on the Inspirado stage, champions WEEKEND OF REGRET will face the musically talented AQUARIUS, in what is sure to be the showdown of the month of January, 2013!  No one can predict what challenges will be chosen or how each team will react to said challenge, but it is sure to be EXPLOSIVE!!!!!

Aquarius has performed on the Inspirado stage before and unhinged many champions.  Will tonight be the night that they take down their biggest opponent yet?  You be the judge!  The unstoppable Weekend of Regret has been bulldozing through challengers, will they hit a Aqua Rock tonight?  You decide!  11pm. Inspiraddddoooooooo!!!!

Sept. 13th RECAP: EAGLEFOX Makes Sad Kids Sadder! Prepares for J.V.!

It was a sassy night on the Inspirado stage as Sad Kids aimed their comedy guns at the 5x Inspirado champions, Eaglefox.  Who was going to win?  No one knew.  We all know now, unless you don’t know, well then you probably have to read this in order to get the low down.  If that’s the case…READ ON!

Sad Kids took the stage first and chose a Physical Challenge and received “Slap”.  Each scene needed to have one slap.  The slaps had to get progressively harder throughout the show.  Their set was filled with love, fighting and love-fighting.  We were given a scene with friends who were separated by the space between their porches, two movers who moved in with the woman they worked for, only to find that the love they shared for each other was stronger than anything they ever felt before.  And oh…so many slaps.  There was slap fighting, butt slapping, face slapping, stomach slapping and finally some good old fashioned hand on hand slapping.  And by the end of the show, the audience had done some slapping of their own, knee slapping!  Cause it was funny!  And, you know, you slap your knee when-

EAGLEFOX took the stage next, and in their 5th week on the Inspirado stage chose an Artsy challenge.  They received “Docent”.  Their show had to be a tour through the Museum of Modern Art.  It began with a tour guide getting a suggestion.  From here we were taken into the museum.  3 guys, sans wives, were exploring the museum because a court ordered them more “culture”.  One of the 3 patrons had mistaken an exhibit of a bathroom for a real bathroom and had accidentally  locked eyes with a 6 year old while using it.  There was a talking Jesus Ronald McDonald and eventually the 3 men became an exhibit.  It was a tour of a museum that doesn’t exist, but hopefully one day it will.

EAGLEFOX!  The champions will return next week to take on Junior Vartisy, the first improv team to ever win Inspirado.  Will Eaglefox be able to conquer J.V., or will J.V. take down the champions?  Ohhh…Exciting!  YOU VOTE!  INSPIRADDDOOOOOOO!!!!!


Aquarius is ready to take flight!  The Musical Megawatt all stars plan to dump water all over Northcoast’s undisputed Inspirado run!  Their no fear mentality have lead them to multiple Inspirado wins in the past and they plan on making history this week as the first team to stop NORTHCOAST!  How will they do this?…A piano!  That’s right, Aquarius is the only musical improv team, up to this point, to take on Northcoast.

Will the smooth tones of tickled ivory compare to the sweet beats of hip hop?  Will Northcoast’s beat boxer face off against Frank Spitznagel?  Oscar Montoya (Aquarius & Northcoast) will take on the challenger Oscar Montoya in a Montoya v. Montoya face-off!  Who will win?  You decide, this thursday at 11pm!  INSPIRADOOOOOO!!!!!!!



Did someone order a tall serving of Trash Talk?  Because it was all over last night’s INSPIRADO!  The Assembly’s Marcy Jarreau served up a heaping pile to Northcoast, “I just hope you’re as good as you were when I coached you last year”.  Northcoast retaliated with an improvised rap about green pants and Jarreau’s move to LA.  Fresh?  Oh yes.

The Assembly took the stage first and picked a Dumb challenge and received, “Big Momma’s House”.  They had to improvise Martin Lawrence’s “Big Momma’s House”.  The piece began with a cop losing his job but getting a new partner…Big Momma.  What followed was a drug bust in a bakery, a very large breastfeeding boy named “house” and a lot of cross-dressing jokes.  Big Momma, you did a great job defending your house, Martin Lawrence would be proud.

NORTHCOAST, in their third week on the Inspirado stage, chose a Physical challenge and received “Animal”.  Every scene needed to be between one human and one animal.  Immediately we were given colorful characters, an aloof 5 year old, a raw bear, and a grimy child molester .  Northcoast weaved these characters and relationships into entertaining and funny scenes. Have you ever heard an alaskan brown bear rap?  It happened.

Northcoast was crowned Inspirado Champions once again!  3 weeks in a row is quite an accomplishment.  Next week they face the Magnet Tour De Force, Hello Laser.  Will Northcoast rap a web around Laser or will Hello Laser say GOODBYE to Northcoast!?  You decide, next week at  11pm…. INSPIRADOOOOOOO!

June 7th PREVIEW: One Year Anniversary! Dale North Comes To Town!!!!

After an incredible OH SHIT! Challenge last week, Inspirado celebrates its One Year Anniversary!  This Thursday join us for an all star “school yard” style throw down, featuring Louis Kornfeld, Desiree Nash, Russ Armstrong, Jamie Rivera,  Jana Schmieding, Kevin Cragg, Nick Kanellis, Joe Miles, and more!   And witness, the man himself…Dale North, present his next memorial trophy!  An All-Star historic Inspirado, be there!  Thursday at 11pm, ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY….INSPIRADOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!


And then there was one…In their 8th week on the Inspirado stage, Upstate has one more team standing in their way of the Oh SHIT! Challenge…Orange Augustus!   OA is known for their mastering of “The Slacker”, and for their wonderful exploration of different worlds through expert  scene work.  Orange Augustus is Nicholas Feitel, Sebastian Conelli, Jeff Mitchell, Charles Rogers, Michael Haayen, Phoebe Tyers, Lorina Ladrillono.

Will Orange Augustus get burned by the fire that is Upstate or will they end Upstate’s 8 show run for the Oh Shit! Challenge?  You decide, this thursday at 11pm!  The final challenge!  INSPIRADOOO!!!!