PREVIEW: On Day of Love, THE SURGE Prepares Deadly Treat For BEES!


The Surge is charged and ready for an INSPIRADO showdown!  The Megawatt house team has no reservations when it comes to Inspirado (they’ve been posting videos of Bee’s getting smashed).  They’re high energy montage and time dashes have prepared them well and now they’re confident that they’re ready to crush their competition!  The Surge is Dan Benjamin, Shawn Calo, Mike Ferreira, Dreagn Foltz, Woody Fu, David Gonyo, Tony Mui and Courtney Wielgus.

Will this high energy house team be able to take down the musical megawatt superstars Bees!?  Or will BEES! sting The Surge?  You decide, thursday 11pm, INNSPIIRADDOO!


Feb. 9th RECAP: W-I-N Spells Another Win For BEES!

BEES! does it again!

It was an educational night on the Inspirado!  Trash talk, spelling bees and Meta challenges, can you ask for anything more?  Mr. Gorsky’s team captain Jon Bander stood head to head with BEES! team captain Michael Lutton.  Said Bander, “Bees are inspired by their queen, to bad Desiree isn’t here.”  Lutton laughed off the trash and chose to go second.  Tension ensued!

Mr. Gorsky chose a Random challenge and received Meta, they had to perform the 21 minutes previous to their set.  We immediately saw Bander, Lauren and Carston sitting in the Magnet lobby, waiting.  Lauren was reading the Hunger Games and Bander and Carston were trying to warm up.  Their attempt to get warm was constantly thwarted by the house manager, “Shhh! There is a show going on!”  There was alone time, which turned into a creepy song and dance, which was followed by some BEES! trash talk, “I might just steal their team photo and pull it out of my pants during the set,” said Carston.  In the end, it would be a very heady, very truthful and very crazy Mr. Gorsky set.

BEES! took the stage next and chose a Stylistic challenge and received Spelling Bee- their show, was a spelling bee.  This was a spelling bee love story.  Two challengers, who had nothing but love and cold soares (herpes).  What followed was an over bearing father who didn’t want his daughter to lose.  “I don’t want to hear anything that doesn’t spell WIN”.   Their was a KFC/HRP (herpes) love melody that the house went wild for.  In the end, love would triumph competition and together they would share their spelling bee success and their unique strand of herpes.

BEES! was once again declared champions!  They crouched around The Dale North Memorial Chotchkies, and breathed a sigh of relief.  They won’t have to defeat another challenger until next thursday, when The Surge will take the stage!  Will the fresh megawatt team take a hearty swing at the veteran musical megawatt team?  Or will BEES! attack The Surge just as they have their other competition?  You decide.  Next thrusday at 11pm! Only at INNSPPPIRRADDOOO!!