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Last night the Inspirado stage produced some of the most exciting and entertaining Improv this reviewer has ever seen.  Two incredibly gifted groups, coming head to head in front of a pumped Inspirado crowd.  The trash talk was fierce, Satan made an appearance and produced an American flag which he claimed Megalou wiped their butts with.  Megan Gray (Megalou team captain) came clean and admitted that they did soil the flag, but was more surprised that Satan had been chillin in their apartment.  Scary!  Here we go!

In an unprecedented Inspirado move, Inspirado champions Megalou decided to go first!  They chose Nerdy and received Halo.  They had to perform a monoscene in which 2 people are playing Halo and communicating only through xbox headsets.  What came next was patient enthralling improv.  It was a text book monoscene.  T-bone and M-dawg were in love.  The previous night they had a serious conversation while really high.  “We shouldn’t talk about big things when we’re high.  We should talk about little things in a big way,” said T-Bone.  In the end, they were forced to make a decision about their relationship sooner than they would have liked, M-dawg was pregnant.  “I’m going to the waiting corner” said T-bone, referring to the game.  Beautiful.

Listen, Weirs! took the stage next and selected Artsy and received Cirque, they had to perform a Cirque De Soleil show.  What followed was incredible.  Lights, Music, jumping, sooooo much jumping.  Crawling, tumbles, Satan…these were potentially $75 tickets.  There was a story about a girl who wanted to go to a ball, she couldn’t, so her sister helped her break into the ball.  It was explosive, energetic and dance-y.  Words can not describe the beauty of Cirque, but hopefully THIS video will help.

Just like that.

In the end it was LISTEN, WEIRS!  In the highest scoring Inspirado ever!  What an incredible night…both teams were Inspirado!  Truly great improv.  Listen, Weirs return next week to face THE WRATH!  Will they defeat the supple, flexible bodies of Listen, Weirs!?  Or will they succumb to the beauty?  You decide.  11pm.  INSPIRADOOO!





There is nothing like a team.  People working together for the greater good.  This Thursday there will be nothing but that.  Listen, Kid!  and We’re Matt Weir, team up to form LISTEN, WEIRS!  A four person love fest that will expel nothing but pure joy.  Despite the enormous era difference, these two duos are old friends!  You see, Irv Neuburgh used to date Matt Weir’s sister and Mom.  Since then, the 4 have been an inseparable pair!

Will it be enough to take down the current Inspirado champions Upstate?  Or will Upstate become the champion of District Inspirado again?  Find out this thursday at 11pm!  INNNSPPPIRRADOOOOO!!!!!

June 9th Stats: JV vs. We’re Matt Weir

Oh SHIT! That was a great show! We’re Matt Weir wore Varsity letter jackets, but in the end JV’s home field advantage proved to make them an audience favorite.  Here is the round up for all you number lovers:

  All Time “How Funny was it?”
Team         Avg.       Challenge
Junior Varsity 4.63   Groundhog Day
Featherweight 4.29   Farts, Farts, Farts
Junior Varsity 4.23   Touch Me
We’re Matt Weir 3.9   RealityTV

All Time “Use of Challenge”
Team         Avg.       Challenge
Junior Varsity 4.71    Groundhog Day
Featherweight 4.5    Farts, Farts, Farts
We’re Matt Weir 4.29    RealityTV
Junior Varsity 4.24    Touch Me

All Time “How good was the show overall?”
Team         Avg.       Challenge
JV 4.46    Groundhog Day
Featherweight 4.29    Farts, Farts, Farts
Junior Varsity 4.1    Touch Me
We’re Matt Weir 4.05    RealityTV


All Time “Total Score”

Team         Avg.       Challenge
Junior Varsity 13.79    Groundhog Day
Featherweight 13.08   Farts, Farts, Farts
Junior Varsity 12.57    Touch Me
We’re Matt Weir 12.24    RealityTV