Oct. 18th RECAP: EAGLEFOX Makes OH SHIT! Masterpiece!

OH SHIT!  OHHHHH SHIIITTTTT!!!  It was a fierce night on the Inspirado stage, the third OH SHIT! Challenge was chosen and received by the current Inspirado champions EAGLEFOX!  Nin10do brought their A game.  Nin10do team captain, Matt Shafeak, began the trash talk by talking about Eaglefox’s sure demise during their final show.  EAGLEFOX rebutted with a birthday cake with candles, “make a wish” they said.  Shafeek closed his eyes, blew hard…and the candles came back.  TRICK CANDLES! OHHHHHHHH, no you didn’t!   Here we go.

Nin10do chose a Nerdy challenge and received Middle Earth, they had to perform a show in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ Universe.   We saw giant tree people, people looking for a ring and commercials for magical armor.  Golem made numerous appearances as Nin10do tried to answer the question, “how many names do you really have?”  There was also an epic battle for Middle Earth, it was a fight for the ages, Peter jackson would be proud.

EAGLEFOX took the stage next.  The men, dressed in suits and looking like the classiest gentleman in the world, stood like warriors, ready for their final challenge.  Eaglefox, chose the third ever OH SHIT! Challenge in a packed to the brim Magnet house.   For Eaglefox’s OH SHIT! Challenge they received “Masterpiece”.  During their show they had to recreate the Mona Lisa, using nothing but human hair.  They were given buzzers, spray glue and a canvas.  The show begin in a barber shop.  As customers came in, they got the buzzer.  The first customer got the top of his head shaved, the second got stripes shaved into his head.  Very quickly, it became a shave-fest.

Eyebrows, chests and backs were shaved.  There was a lot of hair.  The barber’s son meanwhile, was drawing a picture  during the top of the set.  As hair was being shaved, each piece was going into the Mona Lisa masterpiece.  By the end of their set, they were all bald.  The picture had been finished, and when they raised it up to the audience, everyone thought, “that really does look like Mona Lisa!”  OH SHIT!

EAGLEFOX!  The 3rd team in Inspirado history to ever make it to the OH SHIT! Challenge has survived.  They took The Dale North Memorial Yoda Mask with them on their celebrations!  A new home for Dale’s Yoda Mask, he would have been proud…if he were still living. In New York.  Wow.  Now what?  The show must go on.  Next week, Nin10do returns to take on the Megawatt superstars HORSES!  What will they be competing for?  Will someone’s head be shaved?  Will Joe Lepore still have an office job by then?  You decide.  Thursday at 11pm.  INSPIRADOOOOO!!!!!


PREVIEW: CHET WATKINS Calls UPSTATE, NY The Worst Place In The World!

The trash talk has already started, and let me tell you…it’s not pretty!  CHET WATKINS  takes on current Inspirado Champions Upstate tonight in a battle to the deaths.  Time Out Chicago calls Chet Watkins,”Fearless Goofballs”.  Wow!   Chet Watkins is Chris Camp, Kelly Kreye, Justin Peters, Christian Paluck, Jana Schmieding, Lauren Olson, Karten Cross and John Roukis.

Will they be able to stop Upstate from their reign on the Inspirado stage?  Or will Upstate continue to rock NYC with their beautiful scenery and wide open landscapes?  You decide, tonight at 11pm, at INNSPIIRRADOOOO!!!!

April 5th RECAP: Hunger Games Meets Easter As UPSTATE Tames Horses!

It was a brutally religious night on the Inspirado stage, and after the Easter Egg Hunt finished, there would be only one tribute left, Upstate.  The night started off with some trash talk from Upstate captain Dustin Drury, “BOOOOOOO!” he said.  Horses team captain George Fernandez responded with some fiery rhetoric that can only be summed up as, confusingly brilliant.  May the odd’s be ever in your favor.

Upstate went first and chose a Nerdy Challenge and received Peeta.  They had to perform a piece as tributes at the 74th annual Hunger Games.  They started with a tribute from district 2 and district 3 facing off.  They had an alliance, but 2 was getting frustrated with 3.  After killing 3, 2 discovered a beautiful tribute hiding behind the bushes listening to everything they were saying.  After agreeing to form an alliance, Arnold, the man/dog appeared.  The scene was fluttered with specific characters, slow pointless deaths, and the basic confusion about the function of the Hunger Games, “I thought this was a race!”  After a betrayal, they finally to did what they always should have done, started the race.

Horses came next and chose a Physical Challenge.  They received Easter Egg Hunt.  There were 24 eggs hidden in the theater, Horses had to find them before the end of their set.  Immediately the hunt began, Pastor Russ tried to corral people, but it was useless, everyone was just another “sucrose slut”.  The meaning of Easter is precious and holy, said Pastor Russ, which was immediately followed by, “I found another egg!”  We may not know why Easter is here, but at least we get to eat all of this sucrose.  Happy Easter.

After all the ballots had been counted, Upstate stood gloriously on the Inspirado stage!  They await their next challenger, feeling more confident than ever.  Join us next week at 11pm, as Upstate tries to defend their title in the 75th annual INNNSPPPIIIRADDOOOO!!!!!!!

March 29th RECAP: HORSES Trots Over Junior Varsity!

An explosive Inspirado crowd, a pack of wild animals and a ragtag group of highschool dropouts!  Here we go!  Horses team captain George Fernandez came on stage first and offered up some advice to the crowd, “I don’t want to hear you chanting…JV! JV! JV!”.  Junior Varsity team captain Sean Taylor responded by saying, “I don’t mind if you do that”.  BOOM!

Horses was up first and chose the Indianapolis challenge (in the history of the show, the challenge has only been chosen 5 times).  They received Travelers; Horses needed to be a traveling improv group, from Indianapolis, who was pandering to the New York City crowd.  They opened their set as a falsely confident traveling troupe, “Who here has recently had a NATHAN’S HOT DOOOG?!”  They continued to do ‘relevant’ jokes by talking about The MTA, Central Park, Times Square and Bushwick.   Two people in the group were dating and dealing with personal troubles in which the entire team was privy too.  They tagged in and out of the couples fights and in the end decided to head back to where they belonged, the great city of Indianapolis.

Junior Varsity took the stage next and chose a Physical Challenge.  They received, First Contact.  Junior Varsity were Aliens that came to Earth to do an improv show.  The only understanding they had of Earthling’s were broadcasts of  “America’s Funniest Home Videos”.  They began their set by getting hit in the groin.  Then they went on to play volleyball, in which someone was hit in the groin.  They discussed how to properly laugh, and sweep a scene (Klang, an alien, never really was able to get it right).  Finally, Bob Sagat made an appearance and everyone went ballistic.  Thank you AFV, Bob Sagat and the art of groin hits!

Finally, after the fiery night, HORSES would go on to become the new Inspirado champions!  Next week they face off against the indie duo UPSTATE!  Will they be able to muster enough Horse Power to take down Upstate?  Or will Upstate have their way with the new champions?  Find out for yourself, next thursday at 11pm!  INSPIRADOO!!!!!!!!!!


March 15th PREVIEW: Soothsayer To JV, “BEWARE OF CHORAL RAGE!”

March 15th will forever be known as The Ides of March.  Not necessarily a gloomy day to all…just to some!  Tonight, at 11pm, CHORAL RAGE, the Musical Magnet Megastars take the Inspirado stage for the first time ever!  They’ll bring their choral strength and deadly rage to attempt to take down the new Inspirado champions!

Will their rage against Junior Varsity make them do something unforgivable (like defeat them?)  Or will JV learn from Shakespeare and get the hell away from their enemies?  You decide- tonight, 11pm….INNNSPPPIIIRRADDDOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!


A victorious J.V., after a sold out Inspirado!

It was a hot night at Inspirado.  BEES! + JV = An Audience Hungry For Funny.  Michael Lutton, BEES! team captain, threw down unspeakable trash talk (so unspeakable, I won’t speak of it here). In their sixth week on the Inspirado stage, BEES! decided to go second…bring on Junior Varsity!

Junior Varsity, the first team to ever win an Inspirado match, chose a Nerdy challenge and received  Comic Book; they needed to improvise a comic book.  We were given a comic book, panel by panel, complete with editors notes and ads.  The comic was about a very special super hero known as Bat Vigilante.  The evil Librarians (there were two to be clear), were terrorizing Gotham City.  Bat Vigilante, who later became Batman, lost his suit at the dry cleaners and had to stalk people who he thought stole he suit.  Eventually, he got around to stopping the bad guys, who finally broke the law, and justice was restored in Gotham.  Batman though, was left wearing a large barrel with straps.  Well done Batman, well done.

BEES! took the stage next and chose a Random challenge and received Sketch Show.  They were given a set list and needed to perform a sketch show.  We saw sketches such as “Sharpie Sex”, “Gay Rhino” and “Butt Hootenanny ” #1, #2, #3 and finally #4.  All of these sketches had wonderful musical accompaniment, especially “Butt Hootenanny #4”, where the pianist actually took part in the Butt Hootenanny.  It was a hilarious sketch show that must have taken lots of hard, labor intensive rehearsal.

There was a drum roll and finally, JUNIOR VARSITY was declared the winner.  It was a wonderful run by the amazingly talented BEES!  Junior Varsity posed by the Dale North Memorial Chatchkies, the first team to ever win an Inspirado match, was champions once again.  Will next week be as hopeful for the Inspirado legends?  Choral Rage will be making their debut on the Inspirado stage!  What will happen!?  Who will win?  You decide…Thursday 11PM…INNNSPPPIRRADDOOO!!!!!!

March 1st Recap: In 5th Week- BEEES! Wins!

The Internet Is A Rough Place

It was a musical night on the Inspirado stage!  The Megawatt allstars, Grappler, took the stage with a little surprise, they had Frank Spitznagel the pianist!  The Megawatt stars, decided to do a musical set!  How did BEES!, the musical megawatt team respond?  Read on…

Grappler was up first and they chose a Style challenge and received Commercial Break.  Their show had to be nothing but commercials.  Since they had an piano player, they had music for all of their commercials.  There were Viagra commercials, U.S. Army commercials and All State commercials .  There were also some obscure ones, commercials for Morphine, WWII and for the 6:30 show at The Magnet Theater this Sunday called The Chosen Ones.  In the end, it was very informational and left the audience wanting to ‘buy! buy! buy!’ something.

BEES! was up next and they chose a Nerdy challenge and received Message Board.  They had to perform a show that took place on an internet message board.  They did a great job at identifying message board archtypes- the nudist, the teenager, the feminist, the creeper and the bro.  There were songs about webcams, showing your breasts, “internet” saving someone’s life and finally about a grandma showing her tits.  It was an eventful set and one that we’ve all lived at somepoint in our lives…(I’m talking to you loverboy69).

After the second closest Inspirado match in history, BEES! took the prize!  They posed ever to gracefully near the Dale North Memorial Chatchkies and smiled.  Will they be smiling next week?   Junior Varsity, the first team to ever win an Inspirado match will be coming to the stage.  Will they be able to defeat the 5 time winning champions?  Or will J.V.  just become another notch in their belt?  Find out next week at 11pm only at INNPPIIRADDDOOOO!!!!!!!