Inspirado 3/5 Preview: Pepita Vs. 1 Deep



Ladies and Gentlemen for the first time ever on the Magnet Stage, on Thursday 3/5 at 11pm, Inspirado will be One on One. That’s right we have two, TWO one woman teams going against each other. There will are currently more hosts of Inspirado than there will be performers at tomorrows show. Come and see these incredibly talents improvisors put on a clinic on how to own the stage all by yourself. There is no back up, no safety net, and no strings attached. You pay for the whole seat, BUT YOU’LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE!!!!!!!!!!

2/26 Recap: And the award goes to… Pepita!

STOP THE PRESSES! PEPITA WINS AGAIN! So yeah just change the headline to PEPITA WINS AGAIN and then restart the presses. I think it’s the green button.

That’s right, faithful readers, last night in the Magnet Arena the indomitable Pepita took on indie challengers Humphrey and emerged victorious for the third week in a row.

Instead of trash talking, Humphrey captain Justin offered Pepita his thanks for representing Latinos with honesty and complexity, but Pepita was not lured in by his compliments; she had neither seen Humphrey play, nor would she EVER see them play. She elected to perform second and returned to the sidelines where we can only assume she blindfolded herself.

Humphrey claimed the stage and selected Artsy. Their challenge was: Birdman – Your entire set is a contiguous tracking shot of one character walking through their day. Without hesitation Tim began a stationary walk towards the audience. The self-proclaimed “really fucking jumpy” ex-computer programmer was on his way to a job interview with Bill, a “racist piece of shit” manager.  On his way he passed old classmates, old friends, and his cantankerous mother. The interview went… poorly for both interviewer and interviewee, but was captured in a cinematic hand-held shot circling the subjects. Everyone, cameramen included, struggled to defy the shitty advice of their anxious inner monologues. BUT WAIT. Was it all a daydream? Did Tim already get the job and did it have horrible benefits? Was his girlfriend already plotting self-violence to maintain their health insurance? Yes. Humphrey had a wild and sweaty set featuring flash cameos by Armando Diaz and Frank Bono…mote(?).

Next up was Pepita who selected Dumb. Her challenge was: The Toscars! – Your whole set is a lengthy, unnecessary, off brand Hollywood Awards show. Taking the suggestion of “the 1990s” she entered as host Melissa Joan Hart who had a horse once as a girl. The show was an awards show for horses and movies and what a glamorous event it was! Some of our favorite ‘90s musical acts were there–Counting Crows! Alanis Morissette! The Cranberries!–but not Pearl Jam. They hate horses. Eddie Vedder appeared live from his Malibu apartment to explain himself. The star studded evening continued with Courtney Cox dressed as a horse announcing Best Makeup Artist Making Horses Look More Like Horses, basketball player Shaq, who you might recognize from basketball, announcing the Special Effect category (winner: Seabiscuit: It’s All Happening Under Water), one of the daughters from Step by Step (sure!) announcing the Best Movie that Featured a Tiny Pony (I personally had money on the Itsy Bitsy Spider Horse). After the Horses We’ve Lost segment Alanis Morissette got in a fight with one of the stage hands and the large-featured man from Game of Thrones who has a scar and is always on horses announced the final category: Best Horse Movie of the 1990s (winner: Eddie Vedder).

Can Pepita pull off another win against 1 Deep?! Find out next Thursday at 11pm at the Magnet Theater! Until then, don’t forget that what we do in life echoes in eternity.

Inspirado 2/26 Preview: Pepita Vs. Humphrey!



Pepita is beginning to gain some momentum in Inspirado but indie team Humphrey is hungry to take down the one woman hurricane. Can Justin Torres and his band of merry misfits mechanically mangle Elana’s eventual evisceration of all challengers? Will Pepito, the ex-husband of Pepita make another stage storming entrance? Were they ever really married or was it simply a drunken vegas disaster? Why is Humphrey named Humphrey?

Find a out maybe all this…and maybe more! Thursday 11pm Magnet Theater, only at IIIIINNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAADDDDDDDOOOOOOO!!!!!

2/19 Recap: Pepita Deafeats Rococo Puffs


Whooooo doggy did we have a heckfire of an Inspirado last night!


For the first time ever all three hosts were there and the audience really really cared about it.


Things started off in trash talk where Don of the challenging team Rococo Puffs took an interesting approach by trying to give Pepita the peace offering of a coke and a love ring. Pepita was EXTREMELY suspicious and while she did take the offered offerings she did it with a sprig of suspicion in her eye.


Then it was provin’ time!


Rococo Puffs went first and selected the Nerdy Challenge of Farscape! You can only have a maximum of one human in each scene, all others must be robots, cyborgs, aliens, non-human animals, etc. Their set began with a human consulting her robot on which of two warring hamsters to buy. Then things really took off, we saw a young girl trying to befriend a grandma eating robot, two penguins discussing how frustrating it was that the males have to carry the eggs, and a girl discussing the pros and cons of having an imaginary friend with her imaginary friend. There set also featured our alien conquerors discussing how annoying it was that the humanoid forms they took featured such painful butts. And a poor Robot who couldn’t find love or good oil for her bolts. And their set wrapped up with an orangutan trying to hit on a human woman.


Then Pepita took the stage!


She chose the Random challenge of Take a Chance on Me: Your set is entirely comprised of formally married couples who are now divorced. And Pepita (being by herself) decided it was best to accomplish this by pulling random members of the audience on stage with her to be her respective former lovers. First we saw a couple comprised of Pepita and audience member Timo. Pepita disliked how he was now dating a psychologist but refused to see a psychologist while they were married. Then she was on to her next former beau Gary! Gary, played by audience member Tim, had decided to use the key he still had to Pepita’s house to go over and watch Netflix because he had forgotten the password. Pepita lamented over how if he had been able to remember passwords during their marriage they would still be wed. After a visit to a soccer game where she declared everyone wanted a loud dad with audience member Paul as her wife, something extremely dramatic happened! The stage was stormed by Pepitas actual former husband Pepito! The set ended with the two of them still quarreling over who came up with the idea for Pepita!


When the dust settled and the votes were tallied Peputa came out on top and will return next week to take on challenging Indi team Humphrey! Who will win? Will Pepito return?!? Find out next week only at IIIIIIINNNNNNSSSSSSPPPPPPIIIIIIRRRRRRAAAAADDDDOOOOO!!!

2/19 Preview Pepita Vs. Rococo Puffs



This week, baroque music inspired improv takes on one woman powerhouse Pepita! Will the dulcet tones of old timey grooving beat out the charming accent of the one woman hurricane? Will Pepita finally reveal her big secret? Will the Inspirado sign finally have a new nail in it and not fall down during the sets? Will the H button on my keyboard finally start working normally again? Find out all tis and more on Tursday at 11pm at the Magnet Theater only on INNNNNNSSSSSSSPPPPPPIIIIIIIIRRRRRRAAAAAADDDDDOOOOOO!!!!!!

INSPIRADO 2/12 Recap: Pepita Defeats Wonderland


Did you feel it? Last night. Around oh 12:15am. A rumble. A slight vibration. A tremor in the earth. It was the collapse of a mammoth, the fall of a giant. For Last night Pepita defeated Wonderland in their 6th week of Inspirado.

The night started off normal enough with trash talk of the usual sort. Pepita started things off by listing one fact she knew about each member of Wonderland. This list included how she wanted to be a duo with Alex, her sadness about Tom Dunlap’s butt disease, and giving her congratulations to Frank Spitznagel for finally completing his transition to a man. Then she told him to go to hell. Tom Dunlap took an interesting strategy, talking mostly about someone who was not there, Elena Fishbein. Saying that this mysterious woman would often mutter to herself. This devolved into some crosstalk between Pepita and Dunlap that set the scene for a vicious fight.

Pepita started off the night by choosing the Nerdy Challenge of A Look Inside: Your set tonight is a tour of the human body. Pepita’s tour began the way all tours of the human body do; With the Vagina! And what a vagina it was! Using a vagina canoe and and a jack, she pried that pussy open and canoed on through. After a brief exchange with an egg she headed off to the liver, which she gave a good congratulations to and then was on her way. She climbed up the ribs and was about to slide down the spine when Pepita gave us a little hint into her process. She said she was thinking of making the woman’s body who she was in paralyzed but was worried that John Bander would call her out for inconsistencies in her set and would then show her his balls. And the last thing she wanted was to give John Bander his moment in the sun. Her set ended in the feet where she gave a haunting lesson on the dangers of plantar fasciitis.

Then it was Wonderland’s turn. The chose the Indianapolis Challenge of Coach!: Indianapolis is filled with Sports teams, therefore filled with Coaches, tonight your set is an improv rehearsal where one team member is coaching the others. It began with them questioning why they hired this particular coach who seemed to have not been on a team in a while and was a little self centered. The coach appeared to only be able to reminisce about his days on the Musical Megawatt team BEEEEEES! After an interruption from a hopeful future McDonalds commercial actor who seemed to have gotten lost in Simple Studios, the team took the rehearsal into their own hands and tied up their coach! After that they proceeded to do some warms up scenes that unfortunately did not have enough commitment for the person who had taken on the coaching mantle Tom Dunlap! After some stabbing of their original coach, the power really went to Tom’s head as he began whipping his remaining teammates! Then things ended with two members of the team singing a song about forming their own duo.

Then the audience voted.

And in one of the closest votes in Inspirado history, a vote so close it had to be recounted, Pepita defeated Wonderland and left them just 3 weeks short of the Oh Shit Challenge. Inspirado would like to congratulate Wonderland on an amazing entertaining run and I’m sure we will see them again to taken another shot at the coveted Oh Shit.

But INSPIRADO MARCHES ON!!! Now Pepita has taken up the mantle and she will try her luck Next Week against Indi-Team Rococo Puffs! Don’t muss a minute, don’t miss a second, don’t miss INSPIRADO next week 11pm only at the Magnet Theater.

Inspirado Preview: Wonderland Vs Pepita



“The best part about being alone is that you really don’t have to answer to anybody. You do what you want.”
-Justin Timberlake

We know that one of the two combatants in Inspirado’s upcoming showdown agrees with this sweet JT quote above. For PEPITA, the one woman hurricane, will take on the expanding avalanche that is Wonderland.

Will the sweet Italian tones of Pepita be enough to quell the musical mavens? Or will Wonderland continue it’s march towards the Oh Shit Challenge?! Find at this Thursday at 11, at the one, the only, INNNNNSSSSSSPPPPPIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDOOOOOOO!